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  • Some insight on GeForce 8M overheating
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    August 1er, 2008

     Some insight on GeForce 8M overheating
      Posted on 31/07/2008 at 14:05 by Nicolas
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    After Dell, it’s now HP that will offer updates to resolve overheating issues and the resulting problems inherent to certain GeForce 8M (in theory, this will concern the G84 and G86, the mid and entry level).

    According to Nvidia, this is a problem related to the material used in production of the chip, thermal control as well as the type of use. The consequence is that these GPUs do not properly support initially planned temperatures to the extent that the thermal control that is supposed to protect them from breakdown via the activation of a fan when a certain temperature is reached proves to be insufficient.

    This version seems to partly collaborate with an indiscreet press release from ATI which accuses its rival of the poor selection of materials and to have botched the design. The problem is also confirmed by the "fixes" recommended by Dell and HP which modify the fan control’s algorithm in order to improve GPU cooling, in particular when overheating becomes an issue.

    While some presumed that the main objective of these updates was to help PCs function normally so that they could pass the warranty periods, note that HP offers a free extension (but apparently limited to the symptoms of a defective GPU) to 2 years. As for the question of real impact on autonomy, this remains unclear.

    With the misfortune of some being to the advantage of others and the fact that Intel is having problems perfecting the GM45 which accompanies the Centrino 2 (a PCN concerning a bios update was sent yesterday), ATI is the only one that’s faring rather well. And with native DisplayPort support of certain of its 55nm GPUs, AMD’s graphic division is starting to post some wins in a fast growing segment. This is a detail that didn’t go unnoticed by Nvidia and which may explain why the G96 was first launched with the GeForce 9M before it even arrived on desktop cards...

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    August 1er, 2008

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