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    August 26, 2005
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    August 31, 2005

     ATI chipsets roadmap
      Posted on 29/08/2005 at 17:53 by Damien
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    HKEPC published a new roadmap of ATI’s chipsets. We noticed the release at the end of the year of the RD580 which would, according to HKEPC, avoid the use of master graphic cards for CrossFire. The chipset would fill this part. This information is quite strange but we suppose that a version with integrated graphic core could act as compositing engine with probably a performance restriction as all information would have to travel through the PCI Express. If this solution exists we can suppose that they will, like NVIDIA do with the GeForce 6600LE, release a configuration with two entry level GPUs.

    Radeon X800 and probably future graphic cards based on the R520 will need an external compositing engine to combine two cards. This system advantage is that it doesn’t have any impact on performances (this still has to be proved if ATI decides to release one day the CrossFire). The counterpart is the significant additional cost and the necessary use of a master card as it is the only one to include the compositing engine.

    Early 2006, the RD690, ATI’s new chipsets generation, will be out. We don’t have any details on this chipset. We only know that it will be released in single GPU version but also with an integrated graphic core. The roadmap is similar for Intel’s chipsets with the RD600, RS600 and RC610.

     Nvidia C51 end of September?
      Posted on 29/08/2005 at 17:38 by Damien
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    For the past few months, NVIDIA has been working on their come back on the chipset market with integrated graphic core with the C51 for AMD’s CPU and the C60 for Intel. Initially, the C51 will be out in two versions: C51 for Socket 754 and C51PV for Socket 939.

    As you probably already know, nForce 4 chipsets for AMD’s CPU only includes one chip. So NVIDIA could avoid the design of another chipset and only add an NV44 (GeForce 6200 TurboCache) on the motherboard as it is capable of using directly and efficiently central memory as embedded memory. It is of course only a supposition and we are waiting for more information.

    Also, according to HKEPC, the C51 graphic core and C51PV would be different. The difference could be on the frequency level but also on the number of pixel shader pipeline. Unlike all other GPU, the NV44 core features 2 blocs of 2 pixel shader pipelines (instead of one or several blocs of 4). The C51 graphic core sales name would be GeForce 6100 and GeForce 6150 for the C51PV.

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    August 26, 2005
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    August 31, 2005

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