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  • NVIDIA improves graphics quality with SSAO
  • GeForce GTS 240: OEM
  • Market share for graphics chips
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    July 27, 2009
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    July 29, 2009

     NVIDIA improves graphics quality with SSAO
      Posted on 28/07/2009 at 18:53 by Damien
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    With the GeForce 185 drivers, NVIDA has introduced a new graphics option: ambient occlusion. It allows you to improve graphics quality thanks to extra shadows caused by indirect light...

    > Report: NVIDIA improves graphics quality with ambient occlusion

     GeForce GTS 240: OEM
      Posted on 28/07/2009 at 12:57 by Marc
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    NVIDIA has unveiled a new OEM product called GeForce GTS 240. Already announced and then unannounced last year, this ‘brand new” product is nothing other than a 9800 GT (which was already a renamed 8800 GT) with a new label and slightly higher clocks. It is based on the G92b, engraved at 55 nm and with 1024 MB of GDDR3 on a 256 bit memory bus. Clocks are a bit higher than those on the 9800 GT with the core at 675 MHz, the shaders at 1620 MHz and the memory at 1100 MHz, against 600/1500/900 previously.

    The card will be cooled by a single slot cooler and only requires a 6-pin PCI Express connector. TDP is 120 watts max and the GTS 240 should first be available through NVIDIA’s OEM partners such as Dell.

     Market share for graphics chips
      Posted on 28/07/2009 at 11:33 by Marc - source: JPR
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    John Peddie Research has published a sales report for the graphics chip market. In worldwide terms, the report shows, based on Q2 2009 sales, that the market is starting to pick up again after several very poor quarters. In the last quarter, 98.30 million chips were sold as against 74.87 million the quarter before that. Against all expectations, volumes are up 4.1% this quarter on the same quarter last year.

    JPR also gives an insight into market share of each manufacturer. It shows that Intel is still the major player, with an increased share on last year (up from 47.3% to 50.3%) while NVIDIA’s figures are down to 28.7% from 31.4% and AMD is stable at 18.1%. Matrox, VIA and SiS are increasingly minor players. It would be interesting to get full details on these figures so as to be able to exclude IGPs.

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    July 27, 2009
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    July 29, 2009

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