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  • AMD: Business Class & 4 new CPUs
  • Hynix: EU ends sanctions
  • LCD, David vs. Goliath: Iolair vs. Dell
  • Sun buys Montalvo and its x86 CPUs
  • GeForce 9600 GSO: too ''flexible''?
  • Xeon : Stepping E0, lower TDP
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    April 29, 2008

     AMD: Business Class & 4 new CPUs
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 23:03 by Nicolas
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    Practically two years to the day after the launch of Intel’s vPro platform, AMD has unveiled the "Business Class", a platform destined to PC professionals which should amongst other things be equipped with a 780V chipset and one of 4 "new" processors; the Phenom X4 9600B, X3 8600B or Athlon 1640B and X2 4450B.

    In practice, there are no blatant differences compared to the current line, but we can see that the Phenom "B" are, at least in theory, slightly more expensive than the xx50. The Business Class has already been adopted by the 5 major players: Lenovo (ThinkCentre), Dell (OptiPlex 740), HP (Compaq dc5850), Acer (Veriton M420) and Fujitsu Siemens (ESPRIMO E5625) and logically they should benefit from better conditions than certain other distributors of this brand.

    Note that "the Puma", the next mobile platform should also come in a "Business Class" version when AMD produces the Griffin which will have an acceptable level of power consumption.

     Hynix: EU ends sanctions
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 17:45 by Nicolas
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    Since 2003, the European Union has imposed substantial customs duties on products from memory manufacturer Hynix which is accused of receiving excessive subsidies from the South Korean government that could undermine a competition. This decision, which followed that of the American department of trade, was the object of an appeal with the World Trade Organization. In 2005, it had made a decision in favor of Hynix; however, in practice it was dead-letter.

    Now according to X-bit labs, the European Union council has accepted to lift these customs duties at the beginning of the month and to retroactively reimburse those paid since December 31, 2007. In the short term, this should notably contribute to reducing the risk of a price increase for memory in Europe.

     LCD, David vs. Goliath: Iolair vs. Dell
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 13:39 by Vincent
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    What!? A 300 euro 24 inch MVA vs. a 641 euro PVA (on sale! Otherwise it’s 801 Euros!).

    Is this a fixed fight and headed for the triumphant victory of the more expensive model, Dell’s 2408WFP, compared to the more modest Iolair MB24W ? Not at all, and it turned out to be a nightmare for Dell...

    > LCD, David vs. Goliath : Iolair vs. Dell

     Sun buys Montalvo and its x86 CPUs
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 12:58 by Nicolas - source: eWeek
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    Sun, to which we notably owe the JAVA programming language, has announced having acquired Montalvo Systems, a Silicon Valley start-up. This company was recently much talked about for its project involving x86 asymmetrical core based CPUs, a little like the Cell, and whose aim was to offer an attractive performance/consumption ratio. The other side of the picture was that Montalvo was running low on cash and hadn’t offered any products yet.

    You may recall that Sun specializes in servers and it notably uses Intel’s Xeon CPUs or Opterons from AMD. It also sells machines equipped with its own RISC processors, the Ultra SPARC. We will just have to see what this Californian giant’s exact intentions are when the low consumption x86 CPU market is looking more promising than ever.

     GeForce 9600 GSO: too ''flexible''?
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 12:03 by Nicolas
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    While Nvidia took advantage of the weekend to list the GeForce 8800 GSb 9600 GSO with GPU/shader clock/memory frequencies of 550/1375/800 MHz, we can wonder why certain partners, XFX for example, have taken the liberty to specify a frequency of 700 MHz for memory.

    At the release of the GeForce 8800 GT 256 MB, Nvidia already had authorized its partners before to discreetly lower memory frequency to 700 MHz in order that they could increase their margin instead of lowering prices. For comparison, the Radeon HD 3850’s memory is set at 830 MHz.

    On the opposite extreme of these GeForce "LE"s, EVGA should offer a 9600 GSO Superclocked Edition set at 650/1620/950 MHz according to Fudzilla. In short, there is a lot of flexibility which is rather a good thing; however, it’s unfortunate that only reference frequencies are revealed that are simply indicative.

     Xeon : Stepping E0, lower TDP
      Posted on 28/04/2008 at 08:57 by Nicolas
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    Intel XeonWhile Intel almost exclusively uses the C1 revision of the Yorkfield for the Core 2 Extreme and Quad (M1 for the Q9300 due to its L2 cache of 6 MB), the Xeon "Harpertown" and "Wolfdale-DP" which are destined for multiprocessor systems, are still based on aging C0 stepping.

    This situation should soon evolve as the Santa Clara company has announced that there will be a new revision, the E0. The first samples are expected out on July 3rd and delivery in large volume should start in mid-October.

    In both cases, new bios will be necessary for the support of these processors and the CPUID evolves from the previous 0x1067A to 0xA005b013. Only the TDP of the X5482 (quad core, 3200 MHz, the current most powerful) decreases from 150W to 120W, the other Xeons concerned already have a TDP equal or lower to this figure.

    We will just have to see if the very expensive Core 2 Extreme QX9775 which equips the Skulltrail platform and is a carbon copy of the current X5482 will also be affected by these changes or if Intel will ignore it due to the low volume that it represents.

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