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  • Micron 128 MB DDR3 chip
  • New Mobility Radeon
  • Integrated GPU & CPU in 2008 ?
  • Test LCD Acer AL2216W, the first 22 inch
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    September 22, 2006
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    September 26, 2006

     Micron 128 MB DDR3 chip
      Posted on 25/09/2006 at 18:14 by Marc
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    In February 2005, Samsung was the first to announce a DDR3 memory prototype. Since that date, several manufacturers announced successful experiments in this domain. Platforms: DDR3 will be supported in Q3 2007 by Intel thanks to the Bearlake-X (DDR3-1333) and Bearlake-G+ (DDR3-1066) chipsets and by AMD with the AM3 Socket mid 2007.

    Today, Micron the memory manufacturer announced to be the first to introduce a 128 MB chip of DDR3 memory. For now, this is a sample and mass production is scheduled at the beginning of next year. Micron hasn't given specific indications about the characteristics of this chip.

    The main improvements of DDR3 memory are the voltage decreased to 1.5V from 1.8V in DDR2 and 2.5V in DDR and the prefetch increased from 2n (DDR) to 4n (DDR-2) and now to 8n bits. Memory cells internal organisation changed to have a transfer rate two times higher and still have a cell frequency of 133 MHz like with PC133, DDR-266 or DDR2-533.

    The only frequencies improved to 533 MHz are the buffer inputs / outputs and external memory bus. This allows a transfer rate per pin of 1066 Mbits /s because of a DDR type transmission. It is important not to mix up DDR3 and GDDR3 (the latter is closer to the DDR2).

    DDR3 will be officially released in DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 versions. These are the official specifications validated by the JEDEC but in the long term, memory modules manufacturers will probably compete to be the first to release a DDR3-2000…

     New Mobility Radeon
      Posted on 25/09/2006 at 14:59 by Nicolas - source: Elite Bastards
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    ATI has modified the GPU mobile range and announced the Mobility Radeon X1350, X1450 and X1700. Respectively identical to the X1300, X1400, and X1600, the classification difference would be fabrication process improvements.

    The X1350 and X1450 power consumption would be also lower than the predecessors. This increases the battery length of laptops using them.

    The X1700 would be the first GPU to beneficiate from the Strained Silicon technology (previously successfully implemented by Intel and AMD) that sensibly increases the performance/watt ratio. ATI's benchmarks show a performance difference compared to the X1600. Apparently, the Canadian manufacturer seized the opportunity of this higher ratio to increase frequencies.
    benchmarks ATI Mobility Radeon X1700

    We remind you that, mobile GPU frequencies are often chosen by laptop manufacturers and that some will prefer increasing the autonomy at the expense of performances.

     Integrated GPU & CPU in 2008 ?
      Posted on 25/09/2006 at 14:07 by Marc
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    In an interview given to Zdnet, Phil Hester, Chief Technology officer of AMD, said that AMD was planning on producing chips integrating both CPU and GPU as from 45 nm fabrication process scheduled in 2008. Initially designed for laptops, these chips will directly compete with integrated chipsets. Now the question is, will they have better performance / watts ratios?

     Test LCD Acer AL2216W, the first 22 inch
      Posted on 25/09/2006 at 12:22 by Vincent
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    Several manufacturers including Acer, BenQ, Samsung, ViewSonic announced the immediate or future release of monitors with a new size of diagonal, 22 inch, cheaper than most of the current 19, 20 and 21" monitors: under 400 €.

    We have tested the first one the Acer AL2216W. What are the qualities and downsides of this monitor? What is and isn't possible to do with it? We studied the color rendering, reaction time, ergonomics…

    Our verdict is that this year Santa will probably leave a few of these monitors at the bottom of the Christmas tree …

    > Test LCD Acer AL2216W, the first 22 inch

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