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  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Canon changes cartridges
  • Cisco buys KiSS
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    July 21, 2005
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    July 23, 2005

     Microsoft Windows Vista
      Posted on 22/07/2005 at 15:42 by Marc
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    Microsoft has just reveiled the commerical name for its Windows Longhorn, the replacment of Windows XP. After millions of hours of brainstorming the name Windows Vista was chosen. Officially the beta1 should be available August 3, with a release planned for summer 2006.

     Canon changes cartridges
      Posted on 22/07/2005 at 13:45 by Vincent
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    The information came from Canon USA. To no great surprise, Canon will update its line of ink jet printers like it does every summer. This time, however, they are also changing all of their cartridges. To make it simple, they are going back to HP’s system for their basic models and to Epson’s for their separate cartridge printers.

    The iP1600 ($50) will use monobloc cartridges with integrated print heads. Each time a cartridge is changed, print heads will be new. In theory, this is advantageous, except it’s more expensive. At least this is the case in the US where the price for a black ink cartridge will go from $7 to $20. We can hope for more ink per cartridge but this isn’t sure. And for the clever people who try and sidestep this by looking for compatibles this era might soon be over. Adding print heads and an electronic chip will considerably complicate the manufacturing of these products, which are already unavailable for similar HP and Lexmark printers.

    Moving up the line, at $129 the iP4200 replaces the iP4000. It will keep the integrated recto verso system and separated cartridges without print heads. On the other hand, there will now be an electronic chip signaling when the cartridge is empty. This will complicate the lives of compatible manufacturers and also add 20 % to the price for consumers.

     Cisco buys KiSS
      Posted on 22/07/2005 at 13:01 by Marc
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    Cisco announced today that it paid 61 million dollars for KiSS Technology, known for multimedia disc players. Cisco has integrated KiSS in its consumer division, Linksys, and notably to develop KiSS products outside of Europe. Founded in 1994, KiSS has 65 employees and subcontracts out its manufacturing.

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    July 21, 2005
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    July 23, 2005

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