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  • AMD Radeon HD 6570 and 6670, the return!
  • Panther Point: Z77, Z75 and H77 Express
  • Gigabyte not abandoning P67
  • Three Sandy Bridge-Es unveiled
  • 8 GB DDR3 -2300 from G.Skill
  • Record figures for Intel, in spite of the bug
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    April 21, 2011

     AMD Radeon HD 6570 and 6670, the return!
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 22:18 by Guillaume
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    After the rather discreet launch for OEMs at the beginning of February, the Radeon HD 6000 entry level cards are being unveiled. Following the launch of the Radeon HD 6450 a few days ago, AMD has now made the Radeon HD 6570 and 6670 official. Designed for the range’s entry level, these cards use the same GPU, Turks, a pretty light development of Redwood (HD 5600/5500).

    The reference design Radeon HD 6570 reference design doesn’t have any DisplayPort outs.

    Still manufactured at 40nm by TSMC, the GPU has 716 million transistors. Among the innovations, AMD’s UVD3 technology has been integrated, giving accelerated decoding for 3D BluRays (MVC video format) as well as what is probably less useful in 2011, XviD decoding (Mpeg 4 Part 2).

    With an additional block of texturing/processing units, the chip power is up here though the fillrate has hardly changed (still 8 ROPs). The clock is up 25 MHz. The card’s TDP is 66 watts and AMD has announced energy consumption at idle at 12 watts. The Radeon HD 6670s also support DisplayPort in version 1.2.

    Although all the Radeon HD 6670s are equipped with GDDR5 memory, this won’t be the case for the HD 6570s, which are available in two versions. They both have the same specs except with respect to memory where you can choose between GDDR5 at 2 GHz or DDR3 at 900 MHz. Bandwidth is more than halved on the second model. Energy consumption also differs, with AMD announcing 60 watts for the GDDR5 model and just 44 watts for the DDR3 model.

     Panther Point: Z77, Z75 and H77 Express
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 16:30 by Marc - source: XFastest
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    Information on the Intel Series 7 chipset range is starting to filter through. Code name Panther Point, this new range will accompany forthcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs in 2012. Three models are likely to see the light of day as part of the "Consumer" ranges:

    - Z77 Express
    - Z75 Express
    - H77 Express

    The Z77 and Z75 Express chipsets will be part of the Performance range, currently occupied by P67 Express, and soon Z68 Express. The differences between the two chips aren’t yet known. H77 will replace the H67 Express. In terms of functionality, the Intel Series 7 chipsets will differ from Series 6 through support for four USB 3 ports and three video outs supported by the Ivy Bridges.

     Gigabyte not abandoning P67
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 16:19 by Marc
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    Gigabyte has come out to quash a recent rumour on the Internet according to which the company was stopping production of P67 and H67 motherboards to concentrate on the Z68 Express platform. Gigabyte says that it will continue to produce motherboards based on the P67 Express until the end of the year and that H67 motherboards will continue to be produced into 2012. Just in case anyone was wondering, Gigabyte have also confirmed that they are getting a new range of Z68 Express motherboards ready, from mainstream to power user.

     Three Sandy Bridge-Es unveiled
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 16:15 by Marc
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    The Chinese site XFastest has published what is reported to be the latest Intel roadmap. It has new details on the forthcoming Sandy Bridge-Es designed for Socket LGA 2011. According to this roadmap three models are set to be launched in the fourth quarter:

    - A 6 core at 3.3 GHz with 15 MB of cache
    - A 6 core at 3.2 GHz with 12 MB of cache
    - A quad core at 3.6 GHz with 10 MB of cache

    The first two are likely to be completely unlocked for overclocking, while the third only partially. As LGA 2011 allows bus overclocking, we’ll have to see to what extent it determines overclocking capacity. In terms of pricing, the highest end model will replace the Core i7-990X, the next the Core i7-980 and the cheapest should be positioned on a level with the Core i7-2600K/960.

     8 GB DDR3 -2300 from G.Skill
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 16:01 by Marc
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    G.Skill has announced a new memory kit in the Ripjaws X range. This is the first DDR3-2300 kit with a total capacity of 8 GB. Made up of two 4 GB bars it is certified at 1.65v with timings of 9-11-9-28 on the P67 platform. It should be available shortly, but pricing hasn’t yet been announced.

     Record figures for Intel, in spite of the bug
      Posted on 20/04/2011 at 15:54 by Marc
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    The bug on Intel Series 6 B2 chipsets hasn’t had too much of an impact on Intel’s results. They announced a record turnover of USD 12.9bn for the first quarter, 25% up on a year ago. Net profits came out at USD 3.2bn, which is 29% up.

    The gross margin is down at 61%, against 63.4% a year ago and 67.5% for the previous quarter. In comparison to the first quarter of 2010, PC Client (desktop/mobile) division sales are up 17% at USD 8.6bn, compared to a 32% increase for the Data Centre (servers) division, up to USD 2.4bn, and a 70% increase for the Other Intel Architecture division (embedded solutions), up to USD 1.1bn. Atom sales were up just 4%.

    For the following quarter, Intel is expecting a turnover of USD 12.8bn (+/- USD 500mn) and a gross margin of 61% (+/- 2%).

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