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  • LSI launches an SSD at 1500 MB/s
  • Gigabyte moves into mini-ITXs
  • Lucid raises 8 million dollars
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    March 18, 2010
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    March 22, 2010

     LSI launches an SSD at 1500 MB/s
      Posted on 19/03/2010 at 15:09 by Benoit - source: LSI
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    LSI is a company specialised in enterprise network solutions and RAID, and has come together with Seagate to design pro SSDs. The first product from the partnership was announced today: the LSISSS6200.

    As it’s name doesn’t tell us, it’s a PCI-Express SSD, with capacities up to 300GB. Designed for companies, this drive has the SAS interface and gives record sequential speeds in the order of 1.5 GB/s reads and 1.2 GBs writes! Random 4KB reads reach 150,000 IOPS. To recap, an Intel Postville 160 GB, considered as one of the best general public cards manages just 8600 IOPS in the same conditions. These are very high performance levels then, comparable to what you get with an ioDrive with its Duo and which will no doubt be reflected in the price which has not yet been announced.

    Availability hasn’t yet been announed either but some OEMs are reported to already be in possession of the product.

     Gigabyte moves into mini-ITXs
      Posted on 19/03/2010 at 14:31 by Benoit - source: Gigabyte
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    One of the main trends with motherboard manufacturers is to roll out their flagship models in small sizes, in particular micro-ATX models. The models in this format are increasing, from basic low-cost motherboards to overclocking versions with the latest technological refinements.

    Gigabyte has announced on its blog that it is pushing the concept further, and is working on a mini-itx card. This format is starting to gain momentum and allows the construction of even smaller HTPCs and other living room PCs. This unknown card will be built around an LGA1156 socket and an Intel H55 chipset, which means it can support Core i3s and i5s. On the only photo presented by the manufacturer, you can make out a relatively complete card, ready for the assembly of a pretty high-performance computer.

    The H55N-USB3, as it's known, should receive an NEC chip so that it can support USB 3 in spite of its size. No other information is available now but doubtless Gigabyte will be releasing more details soon.

     Lucid raises 8 million dollars
      Posted on 19/03/2010 at 14:08 by Benoit
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    Lucid is a fairly un unknown company, even though its flagship product has attracted plenty of attention in the press. This the firm that developed the Hydra 200 chip that can be found in MSI Big Bang Fuzion motherboards. To recap, this couples two graphics cards without you having to concern yourself with model or maker, allowing a much more supple handling whether with an SLI or a standard Crossfire. Nothing stops you, for example, combining a Radeon 5870 with a GTX285 or a GT220 and a 5450. Although not yet possible, we can imagine benefiting from CUDA and PhysX on one side and the graphics power of a Radeon 5xxx on the other.

    The system is currently very dependent on drivers from Lucid, who have to test and validate a huge number of possible combinations. This means a big team and big budgets. Here Lucid has announced that it has received an additional USD 8 million from its investors (Rho Ventures, Giza Venture Capital et Genesis Partners), clearly showing, still according to Lucid, the viability of its concept.

    The capitalisation of Lucid is now USD 40 million, which promises the company a certain durability allowing it to continue developing the possibilities of its Hydra chip.

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    March 18, 2010
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    March 22, 2010

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