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  • Preview: Radeon HD 5830
  • Photos of the GF100
  • Intel launches its 32nm 4/6 core Xeons
  • Kingston announces a DDR3-2400 kit
  • The Xeon less expensive than the Core i7?!
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    March 15, 2010
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    March 17, 2010

     Preview: Radeon HD 5830
      Posted on 16/03/2010 at 17:41 by Damien
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    After pushing back the release date on several occasions, AMD finally decided to announce the Radeon HD 5830, based on the cut down Cypress GPU. Here are our first observations on the new DirectX 11 Radeon, that will, in principle, be available shortly.

    > Preview: Radeon HD 5830

     Photos of the GF100
      Posted on 16/03/2010 at 16:13 by Benoit - source: Guru3D
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    The closer the launch date of the GTX480 and GTX470 gets to us, the more the internet media buzz. Various and varied rumours, photos of the PCB… Many pieces of info are circulating with respect to pricing and the TDP but all will be revealed only as of March 26. Note nevertheless that the rumour with respect to limited availability at launch is gaining weight and is reported to have been more or less confirmed by some NVIDIA partners.

    In the meantime, photos of the die are starting to circulate and allow the confirmation of certain points. At 529 mm², the GF100 looks as if it’s a monster, much larger than the RV870 (334mm²). This along with certain difficulties in terms of 40nm production at TSMC would explain in part the significant delay with these chips.

    You can also see that these chips are A3 revisions, which is the latest revision sent to NVIDIA partners. This is the definitive version of the chip.

    While waiting for the official launch, here are the photos in question:

     Intel launches its 32nm 4/6 core Xeons
      Posted on 16/03/2010 at 15:49 by Marc
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    Intel has launched its Xeon 5600 series. In LGA1366 format, these processors engraved at 32nm are in the Westmere family and have the same spec as the Core i7-980X that was announced recently. Designed for bi-Socket machines, they have two active QPI links, in contrast to the Core i7s and Xeons for mono-Socket machines.

    No less than 12 models have been announced at 32nm, all with a 12 MB cache. This makes us think that they are all based on a 6 core die but that 2 are disactivated on certain models. TDPs vary between 40 and 130W, with clocks of 1.86 GHz to 3.46 GHz and the number of cores from 4 to 6 with hyperthreading disactivated on the L5609.

     Kingston announces a DDR3-2400 kit
      Posted on 16/03/2010 at 13:58 by Benoit
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    Following Corsair’s announcement of a DDR3-2333 certified kit, it’s over to Kingston to announce a 2x2 GB kit certified as the current fastest. The KHX2400C9D3T1K2/4GX (what it’s called), has received Intel XMP certification as DDR3-2400 with timings of 9-11-9-27 and a voltage of 1.65v, all on a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P.

    No pricing info has been given with the manufacturer simply saying that the kit will be available in the second quarter. RAM makers are therefore continuing their clocking war, the utility of which is largely questionable, except in extreme overclocking situations.

     The Xeon less expensive than the Core i7?!
      Posted on 16/03/2010 at 13:47 by Benoit
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    Intel has updated its price list, with changes exclusively coming in respect to the Xeon range. In terms of the Xeon processors designed for bi-CPU LGA1366 machines, the E5507 and E5503 models have appeared at $276 and $188. Without Hyperthreading and with 4 MB of L3 cache, they run at 2.26 and 2 GHz respectively and are quad and dual core models. The E5506 at 2.13 GHz is down from $266 to $219 and the E5502 stays at $188 and is therefore at its life end.

    In terms of the Xeons designed for the mono-socket LGA1366, the W3680, equivalent to the i7-980X, is now on sale, as is the W3530, equivalent to the i7-930. With the same spec and compatible with the same motherboards, it’s no surprise to see them priced the same. More bizarrely however, the W3550, equivalent to the Core i7-950, has been cut by 31% to $387. It is therefore much less expensive than its Core i7 equivalent… a bargain for those looking for this model!

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    March 15, 2010
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    March 17, 2010

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