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  • CeBIT : Deception, the only OLED monitor
  • CeBIT : Sharp Dual View TV
  • CeBIT : HD DVD notebook
  • Samsung laptop with flash drive
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    March 13, 2006
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    March 15, 2006

     CeBIT : Deception, the only OLED monitor
      Posted on 14/03/2006 at 15:07 by Vincent
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    I have to admit, I was secretly expecting to see at CeBIT the first non prototype big OLED monitor. We haven't found any... there was no 24" or above. We however found one much smaller at the back of a BenQ digital camera the DCE520+.

    We got over our deception by taking the camera and evaluating the progresses made since the last time that I quickly tested KODAK's 15" OLED and by looking at the characteristics of the monitor. It is the first time that, to our knowledge, someone publishes characteristics:

    Five points immediately caught our attention:
  • 2m announced response time,
  • viewing angle supposedly superior to 170° in all direction,
  • wide gamut, 60% of NTSC, instead of 45% for LCD intended to digital cameras,
  • moderated brightness, 150cd/m² only,
  • record contrast ratio: 10 000:1!

    The monitor colors, it is true, are very impressive. Blacks are very deep, colors don't lack of vivacity.

    For the rest we have been rather disappointed. It is hard to really judge viewing angles in an exhibition, but what we quickly saw seemed to be for us below the figures announced by BenQ. Here is what the image looks like when we progressively move to the side of the camera:

    Reaction time was also much lower than the 2ms panels of our monitors:

  •  CeBIT : Sharp Dual View TV
      Posted on 14/03/2006 at 14:40 by Vincent
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    Sharp recently unveiled a prototype of LCD TV capable of displaying two different images simultaneously. It allows two persons to watch two different shows. At CeBIT, they showed on model.

    In front of the monitor you see two different superimposed pictures.

    This 25" monitor will be released during the second half of the year at 3000€ approximately. It is important to point out that it will be at first much more expensive than two very good 32" TVs…

     CeBIT : HD DVD notebook
      Posted on 14/03/2006 at 14:29 by Vincent
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    Toshiba presents a dream computer on their stand: Intel Core Duo T2600 processor, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 256 MB graphic cards, two 120 GB SATA hard drives, 2 GB of RAM extensible to 4 GB, 17" monitor and …a HD-DVD player!

    This computer will be released during the second half of this year at 3000€ approximately and probably at the same time as the first HD-DVD movies awaited in September.

     Samsung laptop with flash drive
      Posted on 14/03/2006 at 00:43 by Marc - source: PC World
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    Samsung showed at CeBIT a modified version of the X30 laptop including 32 GB Samsung prototype flash drive. The benefits of this flash drive shown by Samsung during the demonstration were: high resistance to shocks, power consumption, silence and speed. Windows would have booted in 18 seconds only as compared to 31 s for a similar product based on classic hard drive.

    Samsung admits, however, that the price of this technology is currently very high. The 32 GB of flash memory would cost approximately $960. In May 2005, though, Samsung announced their first flash drives at $1760 for the same amount of memory...

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    March 13, 2006
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    March 15, 2006

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