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  • Intel roadmap LGA 2011 not so expensive?
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    April 8, 2011
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    April 13, 2011

     Intel roadmap LGA 2011 not so expensive?
      Posted on 11/04/2011 at 10:01 by Marc - source: Mydrivers via Computerbase
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    A new Intel roadmap has just appeared online on mydrivers.com. Dated mid-March, it gives us a good deal of new information, with, in the first slide, details on the Sandy Bridge-E, designed for LGA-2011 and planned for the fourth quarter 2011, positioned in the Extreme range but also in the Premium Performance P1 and P2 ranges at the same level as the current Core i7-2600. Good news then: the SNB-Es won’t only be priced at $999!

    With respect to the current platforms, there will be a new six core processor (the 980) for LGA 1366 in the course of this quarter to replace the 970. The 980 will in turn be replaced in the third quarter on launch of the Core i7-995X. In the course of this same quarter (Q3 2011), Intel will launch a faster version of its LGA 1155 Core i7s and i5s and the same goes for its LGA 1366 quad core. Ivy Bridge, which will be supported on existing LGA 1155 motherboards, is still planned for the first half of 2012. Note that the LGA 1356 platform seems to have been definitively abandonned.

    In the second screenshot, Intel gives a few details on the LGA 2011 platform. The absence of IGP is implied, while the slide confirms the presence of four channels of DDR3 with two PCI-Express x16 ports. A bigger cache is announced than on LGA 1155, but Intel only mentions a six core version for the moment. Given that they’re talking about an “upgrade path”, quad core versions may well be the cheapest. What about the eight core version? It could only be coming for the Xeon range at first and be rolled out in the Core range if necessary…

    Looking down the range, the Sandy Bridge Pentium G850, G840 and G620 for LGA 1155 are still planned for the current quarter. They will be followed in the third quarter by the Celeron G540, G530 and G440. An i3-2105 should join the Core i3 range in the weeks to come. It will have an HD 3000 IGP instead of an HD 2000. As of the third quarter, faster versions will also be added to the Core i3s and Pentium LGA 1155s. Cedarview, the new version of the Atom engraved at 32nm, has been slated for the fourth quarter.

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    April 13, 2011

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