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  • 512 MB for NVIDIA
  • Render farm with Gelato.
  • The new Canon range is on its way
  • 1 GB CL2 and Domm III at Corsair
  • DDR2-667 for GeIL
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    August 9, 2004
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    August 11, 2004

     512 MB for NVIDIA
      Posted on 10/08/2004 at 19:51 by Marc
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    NVIDIA has just released the Quadro FX 4400. Based on the NV45 GPU used on the GeForce 6800 PCI Express, the Quadro FX 4400 is also compatible with the PCI Express and the SLI technology which combines two cards. Two DVI connectors managing two DVI links each are integrated to be compatible with resolutions up to 3840*2400 on each screen. The FrameLock / GenLock functions synchronising the display with an external signal or between multiple displays are only available on the G version.

    But the difference from the PCI Express version to the AGP (FX 4000) version, is the video memory which is now of 512 MB (GDDR3). This allows the graphic card to be compatible with a 16X FSAA up to 2048*1536 with two screens and 3840*2400 with one screen.

    If such a memory capacity isn't extraordinary on the professional 3D market, 3D Labs is providing the same type of graphic cards for quite some time now, it is the first time that a company present on the play 3D market release such a product. And it probably won't be the last …

     Render farm with Gelato.
      Posted on 10/08/2004 at 15:33 by Marc
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    NIVIA just announced that BOXX Technologies had release a new range of products to the 1U format intended to be combined to create a real render farm. Available in bi-Xeon / PCI Express or bi Opteron / AGP, the RenderBOXX are equipped with a Quadro FX (respectively 1100 and 1300, the 4000 and 3400 are optionals).

    What is the link between NVIDIA and Gelato. It is just that the future 1.1 version of the virtual picture engine powered by the Quadro FX NVIDIA's GPU will have a network option. Gelato will be able to use in parallel the power of several RenderBOXX and their graphic cards. For those interested in Gelato, a trial downloadable version is available here.

     The new Canon range is on its way
      Posted on 10/08/2004 at 12:52 by Vincent
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    Like every year, Canon release in October the new range of inkjet printers. The i560 and the i865 (amongst others) will be replaced by new products in October (a little bit later than usual). This year big innovations are the new design of the products replacing respectively the 560 and the i865, the IP3000 and the IP4000 and the possibility of printing pages front and back. Additionally Canon is now using one of HP tricks the horizontal cut sheet feeder and the vertical feeder. You can use the two of them (with for example photo paper in the vertical feeder and scratch paper in the horizontal feeder) or only one and close the other for example the vertical and put the printer close to a wall (the electrical inputs and USB plugs are on the side of the printer).

    The entry-level products, two tricolour cartridge printers: the IP1500 and the IP2000. Both of them are using BCI24 cartridge and have drops size between 2 to 5 picolitres. This means that the IP1500 is now able to reach the IP3000 quality level. It is just slower, has less good ergonomics and the cartridges are more expensive.

    And to finish this news here is another one: we are currently testing four of these printers.

     1 GB CL2 and Domm III at Corsair
      Posted on 10/08/2004 at 10:40 by Marc
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    Corsair is the first one to release 1 GB memory certified CAS2. With a 2-3-3-6 setting, these memory modules are available in a 1 GB version or in 2 GB TwinX set.

    Also, Corsair just announced a marketing operation with Doom III. With every Doom III games and TwinX1024-3200XL, TwinX1024-3200XLPT or TwinX1024-3200XLPRO purchased, Corsair will provide a $20 refund. This operation is limited to the US.

     DDR2-667 for GeIL
      Posted on 10/08/2004 at 10:13 by Marc
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    After Corsair a month ago and OCZ two weeks ago, GeIl is now releasing PC2-5300 memory modules based on DDR2-667 chips. With a 1.8V electrical input this memory modules are set in 4-4-4 and are available in 256 MB, 512 and 1 BG version and also in 2x256 MB, 2x512 MB et 2x1 GB sets.

    Unlike OCZ and Corsair, GeIL isn't using the PC2-5400 but PC2-5300 name. And GeIL is closer to the reality. Because if this memory provides twice more bandwidth compared to the PC-2700, this memory was providing (we are using 1 Kb = 1000 Ko as a calculation basis) a 2667 MB/s bandwidth. So it this figure was already rounded up. With the DDR-2 reach 5333 MB/s, and a 5400 round up is a little bit exaggerated.

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    August 9, 2004
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    August 11, 2004

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