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  • A 7300 GT next May 15?
  • PCI to PCI Express adaptor
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    May 8, 2006
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    May 11, 2006

     A 7300 GT next May 15?
      Posted on 10/05/2006 at 15:54 by Marc - source: DailyTech
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    Next Monday, NVIDIA will release a new GPU, the GeForce 7300 GT. Unlike the 7300 GS that is based on a G72, the 7300 GT would be based on a G73, like the 7600 GS/GT. Frequencies will however be reduced at 350/333 and the number of PS pipeline from 12 to 8. Here are the product characteristics:

    Even if the price position of the 7300 GT is good compared to other cards at $100, its characteristics aren’t revolutionary and 3D performances won’t probably be high enough to play in 1280*1024. Also, if the 7600GS and 7300GS aren’t equivalent according to NVIDIA for PureVideo, it won’t be the case of the 7300 GT.

    The 7300 GT will increase the quality of this product line but it won’t revolutionize it. If you want to save money it is still best to choose a 7300 GS (or lower), and if you want to play games, it is best to spend a little bit more and buy at least a 7600 GS.

     PCI to PCI Express adaptor
      Posted on 10/05/2006 at 11:58 by Marc - source: Akiba PC Hotline!
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    Digital Cowboy should start selling in Japan at 35 € excluding VAT the first, to our knowledge, PCI to PCI-Express x1 adaptor. The adaptor uses a PLX Technology PEX 8111 chip that process the conversion and available since October according to its manufacturer (see this news). Of course such an adaptor increases the height of a normal card and this could be a bit of a problem in some of the tower cases: low-profile cards are the most suitable.

    The thing is as long as motherboards will have 2 to 3 PCI ports of this type; this card won’t really be interesting. From a more general point of view, this type of chip will be interesting for adaptors or directly for motherboards when chipset manufacturers will no longer natively support PCI. This won’t however happen right now because Intel’s next ICH8 chip expected mid-2006 still support it.

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    May 8, 2006
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    May 11, 2006

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