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  • AMD Socket M2 & F in 2006
  • BenQ goes down to 6 ms
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    May 6, 2005
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    May 10, 2005

     AMD Socket M2 & F in 2006
      Posted on 09/05/2005 at 21:41 by Marc
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    Digitimes has reported some information about the future AMD Socket change expected in 2006. All current Socket 754 and 939 processors additionally to the Opteron 1xx will adopt the Socket M2 design. The Opteron 2xx and 8xx will adopt the Socket F design.

    The Socket M2 will support the DDR, but will be restricted to 940 pins. How is AMD able to support the DDR2 and not increase the number of pins? Simply by reallocating several unused pins to this task. With the Socket 940 and 939 for example, no less than 73 pins allocated to two additional processors HyperTransport link…aren’t active with Socket 939 CPUs or Opteron 1xx Socket 940 CPUs.

    Opteron processors will adopt the 1207 pins Socket F design. We may wonder if so much additional pins are really useful as the DDR2 support doesn’t require so much of them. Our guess is that these pins are probably here as an anticipation of a processor (dual? quad core?) including a 4 memory channel controller…

    The first processors compatible with the Socket M2 should be available during the first half 2006. The dual core Windsor and monocore Orleans will support additionally to the dual channel DDR2 memory, the Presidio and Pacifica. The first Sempron Socket M2 should be the Manilla expected mid 2006. It won’t feature these two technologies but will also support dual channel DDR2 memory.

     BenQ goes down to 6 ms
      Posted on 09/05/2005 at 08:00 by Vincent
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    The FP91V+ is the first LCD (available in France) to reach a response time of 6 ms. It is a TN monitor with consequently reduced viewing angles. Manufacturers announce 140°, but we fell that this figure is always largely overestimated. The FP91V+ MSRP is around 440€.

    Another monitor, the FP91E has also been re-released in shops. It is a VA monitor with apparently a response time of 8ms. As we know that BenQ and AU Optonics, the ViewSonic VP191b panel makers are just one company, we could be inclined to think that it is the same panel. Well actually it is better not to. A first version of this monitor has been released a few months ago. We wrote a news early December, and said that it featured in fact a PVA 20 ms also present in the Samsung 193P and not a fast response time panel. This panel is excellent for picture editing, video, but not games.

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    May 6, 2005
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    May 10, 2005

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