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  • Iiyama has been bought
  • Conroe prices ?
  • DDR2/DDR gap increases
  • 24" OLED monitor to be released in 2006
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    February 8, 2006

     Iiyama has been bought
      Posted on 07/02/2006 at 15:34 by Vincent
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    The press release just hit us a few minutes ago. Since February 1st the company assets and trademark have been acquired by the Mouse Computer Japan group. The consequences are several internal modifications: the Japanese headquarters will be transferred from Nagano to Tokyo and the European from Munich (Germany) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). The European logistics centre is already located in the Netherlands.

    There will be a new monitor range to come end of March, early April. The products positioning will be rather high end.

     Conroe prices ?
      Posted on 07/02/2006 at 15:28 by Marc
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    Here are the future Intel Conroe processor prices according to The Inquirer:

    E6700 : 2.67 GHz – FSB1066 – 4 MB cache – $529
    E6600 : 2.40 GHz – FSB1066 – 4 MB cache – $315
    E6400 : 2.13 GHz – FSB1066 – 2 MB cache – $240
    E6300 : 1.86 GHz – FSB1066 – 2 MB cache - $210

    The Conroe is Intel's future desktop processor. Based on a new architecture including short pipelines like the Pentium M / Core Solo and Core Duo it is in a break with the Pentium 4 NetBurst. Of course, the processor prices are not of very much help to draw conclusions without performance measurements. We noticed however that the 2.67 GHz core frequency, reached from the beginning, is much higher than the 2.16 GHz of the fastest Core Duo.

     DDR2/DDR gap increases
      Posted on 07/02/2006 at 15:01 by Marc
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    The DDR / DDR2 price gap continues to increase. If the DDR2 was 12% more expensive last January 19, it is now 22% more expensive. 64 MB DDR-400 chip price is of $4.23 as compared to $5.17 for the DDR2-533. DDR prices have deceased while DDR2 have increased. This isn't good news for AMD which is about to change to DDR2 memory with the release of the socket AM2 during the second quarter.

     24" OLED monitor to be released in 2006
      Posted on 07/02/2006 at 13:42 by Vincent
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    Is Sony rising from the ashes? The manufacturer passably missed the LCD turning point, because of a risky and early bet on OLED technology. It seems that they have now succeeded and that we will finally see these so much awaited monitors! There will however be another additional step before its release.

    This summer, Sony will launch a new product range including LED backlight instead of the usual CCFL tubes. This replacement brings three advantages:
    - lower power consumption
    - wider gamut
    - better light homogeneity (see the article on Nec's monitor).

    The LED life is equivalent to current CCFL tubes. The counterpart on NEC's 21" monitor, which is already available, is a very much higher price: 5000 €.
    Good news, Sony's CCFL and LED monitors will have the same price! The manufacturer announced the released of 17, 19 and 20" monitors around July.

    Second step: the released of a 24" OLED monitor in October. This time, the price will be sensibly higher than LED LCDs. It is a little too early to talk about the characteristics. Sony just said that the response time would be reasonable, between 12 and 16 ms according to their current forecasts.

    Even if these announcements are great , it is best to remain calm because we usually see delays for new technologies, overestimated characteristics and under evaluated prices. OLED monitors are awaited for a little more than 5 years. One little drawback, for now the only "big" (15 inches) monitor that we have tested had strong afterglow effects. Also, the price will probably be very high, even prohibitive for most of the users. Sony is only targetting clients that are very enthusiasts about this technology and this product.
    LED backlight monitors were also expected in 2005 for Samsung amongst others. They too will be late. In consequence, it is best to have in mind July as a release date but not stick to it. Let's hope that they will show up in 2006. That would already be a good thing.

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