SSD Mtron for servers: 1070 MB/s
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Written by Nicolas Gridelet
Published on April 25, 2008


Open Network Service has announced a new server, the H2500RS, which is equipped with two MTRON SSDs with a capacity of 64 GB mounted in Raid 1 (thus mirroring) whose sustained speed should be 1070 MB /s or more than the 800 MB /s of the ioDrive. The press release specifies that such a speed is possible for 100 continuous hours or a little more than 4 days. No other technical details were revealed.

The latest creation from ONS should, like its predecessor the H2500, attain 650 MB /s and be used for IPTV (Internet protocol TV), VOD (video on demand) and even UCC (User created Content). For the price, plan on spending roughly 6500€ (taxes not included), which in perspective is very reasonable.

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