Real fake price reductions for AMD
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Written by Nicolas Gridelet
Published on April 25, 2008


While AMD recently went forward with a price reduction of certain processors, some clarification is necessary. On the high end, the reduction will be the following:

We should point our rather two rather significant details: $215 is also the launch price of the Phenom X4 9750 125W and $195 was already the price of the Phenom X4 9550, as some articles on the 27th of March attest. In short, these CPUs have in no way become more attractive. The most intriguing however is the « magical» $209 (or even $251 according to some sources) which would have been the price of the Phenom 9550.

On the other hand, the reduction seems real for the Athlon X2:

Finally, there is the arrival of the Athlon X2 Energy Efficient which has a TDP of 45W like the Athlon X2 BE that they replace as the 4050e and 4450e take the respective frequencies of the 2350 and 2400.

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