A Radeon X1900 GT V2 ?
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on September 8, 2006


According to Beyond3D, the specifications of the X1900 GT will be changed soon. The GPU frequency will decrease from 575 to 512 MHz and the memory will increase from 600 to 660 MHz. These components will fit in a new PCB including a more discreet cooling system and the chip required for HDCP compliance.

We feel, if htis information is confirmed, that ATI has probably underestimated the price of the "current" X1900 GT (209€). Most of the shops are out of stock and they don't receive new products. Is this new version designed to produce more and/or cheaper graphic cards? If it is the case, ATI seems to have to make some concessions on the processor frequency while improving other components to prevent objections.

Anyway, rather than a price cut followed by a products shortage, we would have preferred waiting a couple of weeks and have a brand new designation…

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