Altec Lansing FX 4021
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on September 7, 2006


Altec Lansing released a new 2.1 speaker system, the FX 4021. Sold for 119€, it features two satellites each delivering total power output of up to 11 RMS and incorporates a tweeter and a driver.

The isobaric subwoofer delivers 24 watts RMS. Isobaric means that the two bass drivers are mounted one behind the other. This would keep the pressure of air in the chamber substantially constant and makes possible to have taut bass despite a limited space.

The kit is sold with an IR remote control and a control pod featuring and auxiliary input and a headphone jack. A 4.1 version, the FX 5051, will also be released at 229 €.

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