1 GB of video memory for ATI
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on March 21, 2006


ATI just released two new FireGL cards, the V7350 and V7000. Based on R520 (or in other words a X1800) these cards are clocked at 600 MHz core and 650 MHz for GDDR3 memory as compared to 500/500 for a X1800 XL and 625/750 for a X1800 XT. They include two DVI Dual Link outputs that can each reach up to 3840 x 2400 pixels and an analog YPrPb output. The FrameLock/GenLock functions that allow displays synchronisation via an external signal or between multiple displays will be available via a daughterboard that will be available during the second half.

What are the differences between the two cards? Video memory: it is of 512 MB for the V7000 and ... 1 GB for the V7350! It is the first graphic card that includes such a video memory for a single GPU. Of course this amount of memory will only be useful in very specific cases. The V7350 and V7300 will respectively be priced at $1999 and $1599.

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