mSATA on the Gigabyte Z68s
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on May 12, 2011


Apparently the 11 Gigabyte Z68 Express motherboard models (more than ASUS/ASRock and MSI together) aren’t enough. Gigabyte is also going to launch four new models in June:

- Z68XP-UD3
- Z68XP-D3
- Z68AP-D3
- Z68P-DS3

In ATX4 format, these four motherboards will have an mSATA port on the motherboard itself. The motherboard will be able to accept the Intel 311 20 GB SSD designed for Smart Response technology supported by the Z68 Express, which means one of the 2"1/2 spaces won’t be used, a very specific space more useful for OEMs wishing to integrate the technology than individual consumers. The SSD 311 remains expensive however ($110) and doesn’t really go hand in hand with the entry level positioning of the motherboards, with only the first model being an “Ultra Durable”.

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