Hynix produces its first DDR4 modules
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on April 5, 2011


3 months after Samsung, it’s over to Hynix to announce its first DDR4 chips. Engraved at 3xnm, these 256 MB chips are used on a bar of 2 GB sticks of ECC-SODIMM.

These are DDR4-2400 chips, while Samsung has produced just DDR4-2133. DDR4 memory should officially go up to DDR4-3200, which is double the bandwidth of DDR3-1600. At this speed, Hynix has kept voltage at 1.2v, which will be the DDR4 standard.

Of course, DDR4 is only just showing the first signs of life and the JEDEC standard will only be finalised in the second half of this year. Hynix is moreover saying that it plans to begin production in high volumes in over a year, in the second half of 2012! According to iSuppli, DDR4 should represent 5% of the DRAM market come 2013, and 50% in 2015, against 71% for DDR3 memory in 2012 and 49% in 2014.

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