CES 2011: P67 from EVGA
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Written by Damien Triolet
Published on January 17, 2011


In addition to having a standard ATX P67 already available, EVGA was showing a P67 SLI at CES in the micro-ATX format, which as its name suggests, has 2 PCI Express graphics ports (which then run at 8x):

Further up the range, a P67 Classified was on show. An eATX, it has a larger power stage (12 phases) and 6 PCI Express connectors. One of them is connected straight to the P67 while the five others are connected to the CPU and use the NF200 switch. Thus, there’s tri SLI support. Looking in more detail, and in contrast to the prototype in the photo, the P67 Classified’s ATX power connector will be at 45° to facilitate positioning of cables in some casings. Finally, EVGA has included a space for a Compact Flash card, which you’ll be able to boot straight from.

EVGA will deliver a small external counter with the P67 Classified, allowing you to visualise the CPU clock in real time, an accessory which will thrill all the mod enthusiasts no end!

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