A 5850 PCS+ from Powercolor
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 28, 2010


At a time when the 5850s and 5870s are slowly (timidly) becoming available in some shops, the majority of the offer is still based on stock models. The stock card is relatively quiet, but it’s always possible to find improvements, either on the overclocking side or in terms of reduction of noise. Saphire were the first to show their colours with the Vapor-X version of its 5870.

It looks as if Powercolor are also now joining the ranks with a customized 5850. It is reported to be equipped with an in-house cooling system, with 4 heatpipes and an 80mm fan. This should give a fairly quiet cooling system at reasonable temperatures. In keeping with the PCS+ range, this 5850 is likely to be factory overclocked but by as little as 25 MHz, more symbolic than anything else…

No date has been given in terms of availability or pricing, but this card should soon be listed by the major online retailers.

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