ViewSonic V3D241wm-LED: HD, 120 Hz, LED
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 26, 2010


On the launch of 3D Vision by NVIDIA, only Samsung were selling a compatible screen (the 2233rz). Over time more models have appeared, though the selection is still small. ViewSonic brought out the VX2265wm (a 22 inch at 1680x1050), followed by Acer, who, with its GD245HQ, is currently the only manufacturer to be offering a Full HD (1920x1080) 24-inch.

ViewSonic is set to join Acer in this smallest of clubs with the forthcoming V3D241 wm-LED. As itís name indicates, it will be a 24-inch (more precisely 23.6 inches at 1920x1080), 120 Hz screen, compatible with 3D Vision. On top of this, it will have a backlit LED, which in theory will guarantee bettter evenness of brightness and contained energy consumption. In terms of connectivity itíll have a VGA, a DVI and an HDMI.

Though we donít yet know how much itíll cost we do know that it should be available as of the beginning of the second quarter. Fermi looks as if it should be available around the same time and this means 3D gaming with the latest titles at 1920x1080 should be in order.

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