NVIDIA loses case against Rambus
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 25, 2010


Rambus is as well known for the numerous court cases it has launched over the years as for its memory (initially for use with the Pentium 4 and now Playstation 3).

One of these actions was brought against NVIDIA, with Rambus claiming that NVIDIA was violating 5 patents asserted by Rambus, notably on NVIDIA graphics cards. The International Trade Commission has just given its verdict and determined that 3 of Rambus’s five asserted patents are valid, regarding memory controllers used by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has appealed the decision and we’re likely to see an amicable settlement between the two parties before long. If this doesn’t happen, NVIDIA could see the sale of these cards and import into the United States forbidden! There is however little chance that this will happen and the only question is how much Rambus will ask for for usage licences for its patents.

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