AMD announces profits
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 22, 2010


AMD has just announced its annual financial results, with a surprise up its sleeves. For the first time in years, AMD have announced profits! That said, we should put this in context. A profit of USD 1.178bn was announced for the last quarter of 2009 but this includes USD 1.2bn paid by Intel in the framework of the amicable settlement between the two firms. A positive quarter but with artificial results, though the figures show that AMD is continuing to reduce its deficit.

The firm also announced a turnover of USD 5.4bn in 2009 and profits of USD 304 million. If turnover is slightly down on 2008, AMD’s accounts are gradually looking more healthy and it looks as if AMD will be back in full health in 2010, more than four years after buying ATI and a year after moving over to a Fabless business model.

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