DisplayPort version 1.2
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 11, 2010


The Video Electronics Standards Association (more often called VESA) has just announced a new version of DisplayPort, now in v1.2. This version succeeds 1.1a, used in particular by Apple.

DisplayPort 1.2 doubles bandwidth from 10.8 GB/s to 21.6 GB/s. This will be particularly useful for multi-streaming (several independent audio and video signals transiting via the same single cable). This means, for example, you can connect two 2560x1600 screens @ 60Hz or four 1920x1200 screens via the same socket.

This may well be useful in the framework of high res 3D screens. You can therefore go up to 240 fps with DisplayPort 1.2 at 1920x1080, or 120 fps per eye! NVIDIA’s 3D Vision requires a minimum of 60 fps per eye so there’s something to play with here…

Lastly a USB 2 or Ethernet flow can also be channeled with this cable at a rate of 720 Mbps, as against 1 Mbps with DisplayPort 1.1a.

DisplayPort therefore continues to develop. Time will tell if it is as successful as the DVI or HDMI ports.

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