Toshiba: SSD with 32nm NAND Flash!
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Written by Benoit Lamamy
Published on January 8, 2010


Just like for processors, fineness of engraving is an important component of an SSD. A lower engraving process allows you to reduce production costs and increase density of memory chips, giving higher capacities and performance while reducing the cost per gigabyte.

Up till now Micron have been the only manufacturer to produce 34 nm NAND Flash, used in the celebrated Intel X-25M Postville. This is about to change, with Toshiba announcing a series of 32 nm SSDs!

Toshiba have announced 7 models, the first of which are expected sometime between now and March, with mass availabiltiy between April and June. The range will be divided between “High Performance” or “HG” and standard “SG” models. They all support TRIM and read speeds have been announced at 250 MB/s and writes at 180 MB/s. Capacities go from 64 to 512 GB depending on the model, with an MTTF of 1 million hours.

Toshiba is offering these SSDs in an impressive number of formats, going from the standard 2.5" case, 9.5 mm height model to the 1.8" case and 1.8" caseless or without an SATA interface and with a direct connection. Half-length 1.8" versions will also be available as well as mSATA (mini card format) versions. This range of formats should mean these SSDs can be used on all types of device, from desktop PCs to laptops and netbooks.

No mention is made of the controller used or how much these new SSDs will cost. No doubt Toshiba’s arrival on the 32 nm NAND Flash memory market will dynamise an already very lively sector. 2010 is certainly set to be the year of the SSD!

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