GeForce 300Ms, NVIDIA renames again!
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on January 4, 2010


NVIDIA has launched no less than 7 new notebook GPUs, from the GeForce GTS 360M to the GeForce 305M and including the GT330M. Unfortunately, NVIDIA is simply hiding the GT215, 216 and 218 behind these new names, which were announced 6 months ago!

We therefore get the following:

- GeForce GTS 360M : GTS 260M + 4%
- GeForce GTS 350M : GTS 250M
- GeForce GT 335M
- GeForce GT 330M : GT 240M + 4%
- GeForce GT 325M
- GeForce 310M : G210M
- GeForce 305M

Some products are strictly the same as the previous 200M range, while others benefit from a slight increase in performance. The range has also been extended, with, in particular, the intermediary 335M with 72 CUDA Cores, which wasn’t in the previous range. Note that NVIDIA is only now highlighting DirectX 10 support and not DirectX 10.1 support, although these GPUs are identical to the previous ones and do therefore have DX10.1 support.

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