Market share for graphics chips
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Written by Marc Prieur
Published on July 28, 2009


John Peddie Research has published a sales report for the graphics chip market. In worldwide terms, the report shows, based on Q2 2009 sales, that the market is starting to pick up again after several very poor quarters. In the last quarter, 98.30 million chips were sold as against 74.87 million the quarter before that. Against all expectations, volumes are up 4.1% this quarter on the same quarter last year.

JPR also gives an insight into market share of each manufacturer. It shows that Intel is still the major player, with an increased share on last year (up from 47.3% to 50.3%) while NVIDIA’s figures are down to 28.7% from 31.4% and AMD is stable at 18.1%. Matrox, VIA and SiS are increasingly minor players. It would be interesting to get full details on these figures so as to be able to exclude IGPs.

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