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Title: More IGP for NVIDIA
Description: VR-Zone published a new roadmap of NVIDIA's chipsets for AMD platform.
Additionally to the MCP61 for entry level, a second chipset integrating IGP and Southbridge shows up: the MCP67. It includes a graphic core based on the G70 architecture and will have additionally to the PCI-E 16X slot, three PCI-E 1x slots, 12 USB 2.0 ports. It will also support the HDMI for the high end version.

Roadmap NVIDIA

Even if the manufacturer is a bit late, today NVIDIA seems to have a better control of the integration of several components within a single chip. If it was obvious for an entry level chipset like the MCP61, the previous roadmaps didn't speak of the succession of the GF61x0 (based on a separated IGP and southbridge). It betrayed the difficulties to have a more evolved chipset. This risky bet seems to be a success considering that the MCP67 samples are available and that volume production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter 2007.

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