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Title: Pictures of the G80
Description: PCOnline published the pictures of a card supposedly equipped with the future NVIDIA DirectX 10 GPU: the G80.

GeForce 8800 de face

The card length (slightly bigger than the GeForce 7950 GX2), the double 6 pins power input and the water-cooling system seems a bit odd to us even if another more classical air cooling system shows up. We do not say that it isn't the definitive version but some elements let us believe that it might be a prototype and we don't know if the G80 in shops will have the same shape.

GeForce 8800 de dos

Interesting information, 12 memory spaces are available on the PCB. This confirms the theory of the 384 bit memory bus and of the 768MB (512MB in 256 bit and 256 in 128 bit). We however have to be cautious because the source of the pictures says that there is 1GB of GDDR4.

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