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Title: Buffalo to release DDR2-1200 memory
Description: FirestixBuffalo will join soon the "crazy race" to the MHz opposing Corsair to OCZ. The manufacturer will release a DDR2 module designed to run at 1200MHz (with timings of 5-6-6-18) instead of 1120 MHz (in 5-5-5-15) for OCZ and 1111 MHz (in 5-5-5-15 to) for Corsair.

Apparently very confident about the performances of this memory module, CFD the Japanese memory retailer at the origin of this information even said that this memory could run at 1250 MHz. This opens a new symbolic denomination possibility: PC2-10000. We remind you, however, that the voltages in use aren't specified.

The Firestix PC2-9600 will be available end of October in 2x512 MB and 2x1024 MB kits.

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