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Title: ATI Catalyst 6.9
Description: ATI released the Catalyst 6.9 drivers. The list of improvements includes the CrossFire for Intel P965 Express chipset additionally to the i975X. We noted that with the P965 Express, the Northbridge only supports one X16 PCI-E port. The only solution with the P965 Express is to connect one X16 PCI-E port to the Southbridge that is cabled in X4. This solution is less efficient on paper than two X8 via the Northbridge and doesn't support the card to card transfer required for « software » CrossFire and X1800 CrossFire. You have to have a X1900 CrossFire Edition. Also, for now, only D3D applications performances are improved with this solution, OpenGL will follow later on.

AT announces 6.7 to 23.7% performance gains with antialiasing for the X1300, X1600 and X1800 because of the improvement of the HyperZ efficiency. The most important gains are measured with 256 MB cards in resolutions higher than 1280*1024. Performances with Doom 3 are also improved thanks to shader compiler and transform engine optimisations. These gains can reach up to 9.3% with the Radeon X1900 in 1600x1200 and above. Let's hope that in these two cases, optimisations are a minimum generic.

The usual bug corrections are of course also included…to download the drivers and to have additional details about the corrections, go to this page!

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