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Title: Soon an 80nm 7650 GS
Description: At the end of last week, NVIDIA announced to be the first to release an 80nm GPU. Manufactured by TSMC and only dedicated at first to ASUSTeK A8Js laptops, the GeForce Go 7700 features 12 pixel shading pipelines and 5 vertex shading units like a GeForce 7600 (the GeForce Go 7600 however only included 8 pixel shading pipelines like the GeForce 6600).

80nm fabrication process won't be only dedicated to laptops. According to Digitimes, NVIDIA will release by the end of the month the G73-B1. Also manufactured by TSMC, this GPU will be found on the future GeForce 7650 GS which performances will be half way between a 7600 GS and a 7600 GT.

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