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Title: GPU market shares
Description: Jon Peddie Research has just published preliminary second-quarter statistics for the circuit and graphics market. Intel is still in the lead with 35% market shares followed by NVIDIA 24% and ATI 23%. NVIDIA has regained market shares from ATI. During the previous quarter, market shares were respectively of 34.1%, 23.3% and 26.1%.

Intel is of course the market leader because of graphic integrated sales. For this only segment the manufacturer has 62% unit's market shares. When we look at the incomes, however, the integrated market only reaches 8% (each unit is valued $15 by JPR).

These income figures, however, have to be taken carefully. Compared to the number of units sold, the average price of a graphic card would be, excluding integrated chipset, of $274 and it seems largely over evaluated to us.

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