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Title: Sony to release Blu-ray burner
Description: Sony has officially launched in Europe the first PATA Blu-ray burner for computer: the BWU-100A. It read BD-ROM at a rate a speed of 9 MB/s (2X), DVD-ROM at 10.8 MB /s (8x) and CD-ROM at 4.6 MB /s (32x). Access times are respectively of 210, 170 and 160ms.

It burns BD-R and BD-RE (R stands for recordable and RE for rewritable) at a speed of 2X. The speed will reach 4x for dual layer DVD, 8x max for single layer rewritable DVD and DVD+RW and 6x max for DVD-RW. It also record and rewrite CDs at 24x and 16x max.

The price? 960 €.

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