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Title: Hitachi : 1 TB in 2007, 2 TB in 2009
Description: Hitachi just announced to have reached a density of 43,125 GB per square inches by using perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR). The manufacturer indicates that it is planning on releasing in 2009, 3”1/2 hard drives of 2 TB (4 platters), 2"1/2 drive of 400 GB and 1"8 drive of 200 GB (2 platters).

Up until 2016, Hitachi thinks that it will be possible to reach a density of 500 GB per square inches and that beyond this date, 12.5 TB / square inches was the next step. These long term projections shouldn’t however be taken as granted. A month ago, a representative of Hitachi announced the release this year of a 1 TB HDD. This release has finally been rescheduled to the first half 2007.

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