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Title: ATI and NVIDIA improve video rendering
Description: Everything is going wrong at Behardware.com. Vincent is talking about graphic cards instead of our CG specialists Damien Triolet and Marc Prieur! Yes, but it is because the subject of this article is the connection between graphic cards and LCD monitors. The last generation of graphic cards now compensates one of the major downside of these monitors: the twinkling effect in movies!

We said many times that MVA LCD panels are quite good for videos, but that PVA, TN and IPS are clearly less gifted. Colors scales twinkles…Miracle, NVIDIA and ATI say that they are able to correct this problem and even improve the sharpness of the sequences. Is it true? Well to be perfectly honest, the result is not bad at all…

> ATI and NVIDIA corrects the twinkling effect of LCD monitors in movies

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