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Title: DVD TWIN now has three layers
Description: Toshiba and Memory-Tech just announced an evolution of the DVD TWIN. It will now include with three layers of data, 2 DVD and 1 HD DVD or 1 DVD and 2 HD DVD.

The advantage of this technology is the compatibility with existing formats: a standard DVD player will be able to read the DVD layer. Consumers will have the possibility to buy a DVD TWIN including both SD and HD content if they still have a SD player and benefit from the HD once they upgrade their installation.

Unveiled in 2004 at the DVD Forum and integral part of the HD DVD specification, the first generation of DVD TWIN features two layers and a total capacity of 4.7 GB for the DVD layer and 15 GB for the HD DVD.

We remind you that JVC announced a disc combining 2 DVD layers and 1 Blu-ray (25 GB) layer in 2005.

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