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Title: OCZ« Crossfire » memory
Description: In November 2005, Corsair and NVIDIA proudly announced the first SLI certified memories. This certification had a very questionable denomination as it wasn't directly linked to the SLI, a technology that combines the power of several GPUs and the central memory of the system. An "nForce4" certification at the time would have been much more appropriate even if, by looking at the number of motherboards available and their bios, we might even doubt that there really was a global certification.

Last May, the duet was back with the « SLI Memory ». If we were still wondering what the SLI had to do with this release, the answer was that it was more than just a certification. These memories featured a new technology called EPP.

Today, it is the turn of OCZ to announce a model which with a slightly unusual name for a memory: the OCZ PC2-5400 CrossFire Certified. Why is it different than other CrossFire memories certified by ATI? The design and only the design. Except for this point, these are 1GB DDR2-667 modules certified to work with timings of 4-4-4-12 at 1.9V. For the certification, our doubts are the same as with NVIDIA. They are even more important as additionally to motherboards based on ATI chipsets, ATI also has to certify those based on i975X.

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