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Title: Specifications of the GeForce 7900 GTO
Description: Overclockers UK has published the specifications of the GeForce 7900 GTO, a new limited edition of the 7900 GT. In fact, its GPU frequency is identical to the 7900 GTX and its memory frequency to the 7900 GT. Here are the frequencies of products based on a G71 with 24 ps pipeline / 8 vs pipeline:

- 7900 GT: 450/660
- 7950 GT: 550/700
- 7900 GTO: 650/660
- 7900 GTX: 650/800

It is difficult to know which one of the 7950 GT or the 7900 GTO will be the faster because it will depend on the GPU or memory load. The 7900 GTO might however single out on the price. In shops it is found at 250€ with 512 MB. This is more or less the same as the 7900 GT 256 MB and a lot cheaper than the 7900 GT 512 MB. The price of the 7950 GT is 242 € in the same store for the 256 MB version and 272 € for the 512 MB. It is also interesting to note that the picture of the GTO published by OC.Uk features the discreet cooling system of the 7900 GTX. We will however have to wait for the product release to see if it is really the case.

With NVIDIA's product line being more and more complex (this is also the case of ATI's line), it is increasingly difficult to find the best product around 200-300€…

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