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Title: A miracle firmware for Indilinx?
Description: OCZ, who recently bought Indilinx, has just announced a new generation Indilinx firmware, code name Arowana. Running on both current Indilinx controllers such as the Barefoot and forthcoming ones such as the Jet Stream (castle in the air?), this new firmware has been announced as very promising.

Among the new features, OCZ is talking about HyperQueuing, which would allow sequential write gains and in random accesses support for 25nm memory as well as a technology known as INXtend that is supposed to improve the lifespan of reduced endurance flash chips.

No specific details are given but HyperQuening may well put an end to the slowdowns experienced with Barefoots in terms or random accesses, notably in writes on more recent controllers.

This would be very good news for those who own an Indilinx SSD, especially as the firmware will not be exclusive to OCZ. It only remains for Indilinx to bring out a new SATA 6G controller to confirm that it’s really back in business!

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