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Title: SSDs at $1/GB end 2012?
Description: Gartner have just published a few predictions with respect to SSD pricing. Reported by PC World, they indicate that while SSDs are starting to make more of an impact on the enterprise market, adoption by the general consumer is still limited by pricing. Gartner are predicting a 30% fall in SSD pricing this year and another 36% next. This would give us a price of $1 per GB for the second half of 2012. Currently the price per GB of an SSD such as the Crucial M4 256 GB is $2.03/GB on the other side of the Atlantic (VAT not included).

Several factors will come into play including an improvement in fabrication processes and an increase in production to respond to demand. While the price of chips may well be coming down this is not necessarily immediately reflected in the price of SSDs to the consumer. Few manufacturers have significantly reduced pricing following the movement from 34/32/nm to 25nm for example, with the trend actually going in the other direction on launch.

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