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Title: Virtu on Intel H67 and Z68 motherboards
Description: LucidLogix has just announced that Intel has chosen to include the Virtu software in some of its H67 Express and Z68 Express motherboard bundles. To recap, this solution designed for Sandy Bridge allows you to connect the screen to the motherboard graphics out and switch from the IGP to an additional GPU on the fly depending on load.

The first results obtained are not yet fully optimised as Virtu takes between 5 and 10% off the performance of the additional GPU, an inevitable cost given that the rendering carried out by the IGP frame buffer has to be recopied before display of the rendering, without any increase in at idle energy consumption on the discrete GPU alone without Virtu. What this solution brings, then, is access to Quick Sync for encoding without however being limited to the IGP in gaming.

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