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Title: Matrox launches its Multi-GXM
Description: Before the announcement of the Radeon 5xxxs, users wanting to be able to connect their machine up to more than 2 screens had the option of using a Matrox solution, the DualHead2Go (or TripleHead2Go). This external box basically allows you to divide the graphics card sockets into two or three.

ATI’s EyeFinity is therefore walking all over the Matrox shrubbery by offering a native solution that links up to 3 or even 6 screens (should SiX versions come out one day…). Matrox, then, had to react and its response comes in the form of GXM (Graphics eXpansion Module). This consists of secondary Dual and TripleHead2Go boxes that can be plugged into the second socket on the graphics card, even though a first box is already connected to the first. This gives a total of four (2x2) or six (3x2) screens, as many as Eyefinity.

Looking at pricing, the range is from $169 for an analogue (VGA) DualHeat2Go to $329 for a TripleHeat2Go DisplayPort of DVI (Dual versions costing $229). Note that one of the weaknesses of this solution is also one of its strengths: the box is external and therefore perfectly compatible with a laptop.

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