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Title: AMD has announced 5 new CPUs
Description: After the arrival of the core i3 and core i5, AMD owed it to itself to react. No major announcements but a gain in clock of 100 MHz compared to the old models.

The Phenom II X2 555 ups the ante on the 550 with a clock of 3.2 GHz (3.1 GHz for the 550) at $99 per thousand units. Additions to the Athlon II range include an X4 635 at 2.9 GHz, an X3 440 at 3 GHz and an X2 255 at 3.1 GHz. They are priced at $119, $84 and $74 respectively. Lastly, AMD’s announcement includes the Phenom II X4 910e (energy efficiency) clocked at 206 GHz for a TDP of just 65 Watts. Pre-announced last week, it takes over from the 905e.

While the Athlon and Phenom II architecture is less efficient than Intel’s Nehalem, this doesn’t mean AMD can’t compete when it comes to performance/price ratios. Aggressive pricing and higher clocks seem to be the basis of AMD’s strategy to face up to Intel, while waiting for true innovations to be ready. This will perhaps come with Thuban, the only major announcement expected in the medium term.

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