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Title: 28nm from TSMC in the 4th quarter
Description: TSMC very recently opened an extension to its Fab 12, so as to increase production capacity and respond to the “recent and urgent” increase in demand. Phase 5 of the Fab should begin mass production in the third quarter but also serve as the basis for R&D for the foundary for forthcoming technologies.

TSMC says that it is currently working on 28nm and 22nm engravings in the Fab 12 Phases 1 & 2, but 22nm and the processes to follow will in fact be finalised in phase 5. TSMC says moreover that it envisages launching mass production of 28nm in Fab 12 Phase 5 in the fourth quarter… or in the same period as GlobalFoundaries!

Reduction in the fineness of transistors is a critical point for the foundaries and it looks as if GlobalFoundaries’ arrival on the market is forcing TSMC to up its game.

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