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Title: TSMC says 40nm worries resolved
Description: Since the launch of the Radeon 4770 last April, all chips engraved at 40nm have suffered from reduced availability. TSMC was having big problems on its production lines with this engraving and this was having an incidence on products from both ATI and NVIDIA, both big clients of the foundary.

While the yield was gradually improving, it was nevertheless lower than for chips with other engravings. Mark Liu, Senior VP Operations, confirmed yesterday that the main problem had been identified and resolved and that yield of 40nm chips was now identical to that for 65nm chips. Very good news then, which should please ATI and NVIDIA. Remember that the forthcoming NVIDIA monster, the Fermi, will use the 40nm engraving and that this GPU seems a lot more complex to produce than the RV870s.

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